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Discover both our Freedom Facial Oil and Freedom Gua Sha for the ultimate stress-free experience
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Customer Reviews

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My skin has never been this glowy!

I’ve been using the freedom face oil every day along with the guasha tool for the past 2 weeks it feels like i’ve had a facelift! Also, the face oil sits so well under makeup, it gives it that dewy look

sasha mohinani

Amazing gua sha and facial oil. I have acne-prone/combination skin and every other oil I have ever used has broken me out, except this one. The oil leaves my skin looking nourished and not greasy which I love. The product soaks straight into my skin. It’s gentle and not got any fragrance which my sensitive skin loves! The ingredients in the oil are super clean and you can tell it’s amazing quality. I also love the gua sha and I use it religiously every evening and I can see a massive difference in my face. My cheek bones and jaw line look more sculpted and my face looks more youthful in general. I could not recommend these products more!

Sophie Aker
Wonderful product

The oil has such a great consistency and gentle to the skin, and it didn't feel sticky or break me out. It also did not have a strong fragrance which I love since my skin is very sensitive. The Gua Sha is a perfect shape and I use it to de-stress every evening. Even though I'm a newbie to gua sha it's super intuitive to use. I feel like my skin is glowing since using these two products together!